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Conservation Form 7 Request for an Extension to an Existing Order of Conditions

To request an extension to an existing Order of Conditions, print and submit the form below. The form must be received at least one month prior to the Order of Conditions’ expiration date. If an Order of Conditions expires, it cannot be renewed and a new Notice of Intent and all applicable notices, documents, plans and fees must be submitted. No work can continue under an expired Order of Conditions.

Print and complete the request form:

Download (Form-7-Request-for-Extension-Form-Letter.docx , DOCX)

Conservation Form 1 Request for a Determination of Applicability

If proposed work is planned near wetland resource areas or the wetland buffer zone (100 feet from edge of wetland resource area or 200 feet from riverbank), a Form 1 Request for a Determination of Applicability might be required. If unsure, contact the Conservation office at 508-949-8011 or by email at Office hours are Mondays and Tuesdays 10:30-4:30.

Print and review Form 1 Procedures:

Download (Dudley-Form-1-Form-3-DEP-Local-Filing-Categories-Fees.pdf , PDF)

Print and complete Form 1 Request for Determination of Applicability

Download (Dudley-Form-1-RDA-State-Form.docx , DOCX)

Print and complete Form 1 Public Meeting Notice

Download (Dudley-Form-1-Public-Meeting-Notice.pdf , PDF)

Conservation Meeting Schedule and Submission Deadline Dates

Conservation Meeting Schedule and Submission Deadline Dates

Meeting Date Forms Deadline Date Agenda Deadline Date (by 2:00 PM)
June 26 June 11 June 24
July 17 July 2 July 15
August 7 July 23 August 5
August 28 August 13 August 26
September 18 September 3 September 16
October 9 September 24 October 7
October 30 October 15 October 28
November 20 November 5 November 18
December 11 November 26 December 9


As of July 1, 2019 Dudley will no longer use the “Code Red” emergency alert system to notify the people of our community of emergency events. We ask everyone to sign up for the “RAVE Emergency Alert System” as to continue with our ability to send emergency notifications to the people of our Town. You can find the web link below and also at:, and also Dudley Fire FaceBook page and Dudley Fire Twitter page. If you have any questions please call Dudley Fire Department at 508-949-8040