Notice of Meeting

This notice to be filed in duplicate with the Town Clerk

at least 48 hours prior to meeting

as required by Open Meeting Law G.L. Chapter 39 ss23 A-C

A meeting of the Dudley Conservation Commission will be held in Meeting Room 321-A on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 6:15 P.M. to act upon the following:

  1. Lot 15 Pondview Terrace, NOI for tree removal
  2. Lot 15A Bona Road, Ratify Waiver of Bylaw to allow building within 75 feet of edge of wetlands
  3. 150 Klondike road, RDA for stump removal
  4. 44 Alton Drive, NOI for single family dwelling and wetland replication
  5. 66 Eagle Drive, NOI for a single family dwelling
  6. 19 Sunrise Shores Road, NOI for a single family dwelling
  7. Jesse Road, NOI for a subdivision
  8. Former Dye House, NOI for soil reclamation
  9. Lot 1 NW Schoolhouse Road, RDA for a single family dwelling

and any other business that may come before the Commission.