Scenic Roads



DUDLEY, MA 01571



From Dresser Hill Road #2 to Ramshorn Road

Voted 11/01/99, Article 32



The area known as “Hayden Pond Crossroad”

From Dudley-Oxford Road to Pierpont Road, 0.8 miles

Voted 6/19/06, Article 8



From Dudley-Oxford Road to Oxford Town Line

Voted 6/19/06, Article 8


From Zoning Bylaws of the Town of Dudley, Massachusetts

3.11.00 SCENIC ROADS (Added 11/05/07)

The Planning Board may adopt reasonable rules and regulations for administration of locally designated Scenic Roads as provided in MGL Chapter 40, Section 15C.

Trees and stone walls within the public taking along roads or sections of roads having been designated scenic by vote at a town meeting will be protected and will not be altered except after notification of abutters within 100 feet including those across roads by certified mail return receipt requested to be paid for by the applicant, submittal of six (6) copies of the work plan, completion of Form S “Application for Work Along a Designated Scenic Road” and an advertised public hearing paid for and advertised in the manner of a Definitive Plan public hearing at which the Planning Board shall consider the work project based on the following:

The degree to which the proposed work would adversely affect the scenic and aesthetic values upon which the scenic road designation was originally based, and/or

The necessity for the proposed work in terms of public safety, welfare, and/or convenience, and/or

Compensatory action proposed such as replacement of trees or walls, and/or

Availability of reasonable alternatives to the proposed work which could reduce or eliminate anticipated damage to trees or stone walls, and/or

Whether the proposed work would compromise or harm other environmental or historical values, and/or

Consistency of the proposed action with previously adopted Town plans and policies.


As authorized by MGL Chapter 40, Section 15C each violation thereof shall be punished by a fine of $300.00; each tree cut or removed shall constitute a separate violation; fines to inure to the use of the Town.