Town of Dudley

Board of Selectmen

Highway Commissioners

Cemetery Commissioners


July 6, 2015 @ 6:30pm

Dudley Municipal Complex, 71 West Main Street, Dudley, MA 

Veteran Memorial Hall – Room 321A

Approved 7/20/2015

Some matters have been taken out of agenda order but were typed up in agenda order for ease of locating information when necessary.


1.  Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance


Steven Sullivan called the meeting to order at 6:34pm.  Present members were  Peter Fox and  Paul Joseph. John Marsi and Jonathan Ruda were absent. Also present was Greg Balukonis, Town Administrator and Michelle Jervis, Administrative Secretary.   


          2. Acceptance of Minutes:


             Peter Fox motioned to approve the minutes of June 22, 2015.  Paul Joseph seconded. Unanimous 3-0.


              Paul Joseph motioned to approve but not release the Executive Session minutes of June 22, 2015.   Peter Fox seconded.  Unanimous 3-0.


              Peter Fox motioned to approve the minutes of June 29, 2015 as printed.  Paul Joseph seconded.  Unanimous 3-0.


3.   Appointments/Resignations:


                   a.  Fire Station Building Committee – Chief Kochanowski came before the Board.  He stated that they are getting back to work on a new fire station project along with a new Board.  He has already spoken to architect  CDR Maguire about building a station with a different design and location.  After discussion Paul Joseph motioned to appoint Chief Dean Kochanowski, Greg Balukonis, Town Administrator, Jonathan Ruda, Michael Spahl, Bert Davis, Tony DiDonato and Allan Marble to the Fire Station Building Committee and continue until such time as the Committee completes its work.  Peter Fox seconded.  Unanimous 3-0.  Mr. Spahl came before the Board.  He stated that there were three things that the voters were concerned about and why the vote did not pass.  The price tag, the location and the building size.  He stated that it is difficult to find property on West Main Street but acknowledges that the revised building will last 50-60 years but the building cannot be any smaller than the previously proposed plan. Paul Joseph stated that he acknowledges all the work and commitment the Committee has don and that the town will get the best fire station it can afford. 


4.    Public Comments/Citizens Comments – Informational


5.    Licensing and Permits:


6.    Recognitions:


7.     Public Hearing:





8.    Public Business:


a.  June 15, 2015 Municipal Election Actions – Mr. Balukonis stated that he was informed by the Town Clerk that the Election warrant was not posted and the town needs to comply with the law.   Representative Durant was contacted to file a Special Act with the Governor’s office.  Town Counsel reviewed the language as well as Representative Durant. After discussion Paul Joseph motioned that we send a letter dated July 6, 2015 to read as follows: The Dudley Board of Selectmen requests you file Special Legislation with substantially the following language to validate the municipal election held on June 15, 2015. Section 1.  Notwithstanding the provisions of section 10 of chapter 39, and section 64 of chapter 54, of the general laws, or of any other general or special law to the contrary, the votes taken by the Town of Dudley at its June15, 2015 annual town election, and all actions taken pursuant thereto, and herby ratified, validated and confirmed, notwithstanding any defect or omission with regard to issuance of a warrant for said election.  Section 2.  This act shall take effect upon its passage. Peter Fox seconded.  Unanimous 3-0.


b.  Chief Kochanowski – Citizens Fire Academy – Chief Kochanowski stated that Auburn runs a Citizens Fire Academy and he thought it was a great program and would like to implement it in Dudley.  The Academy will begin in the fall, an 8 week program for any town resident to join.  It will be limited to 12 people and there will be an application process.  He will put it on Cable Access, the website and the fire department website.  All agreed it was a great idea.


c).  3% Transfers – FY 15 -  Paul Joseph motioned to approve a 3% transfer from the Town Clerk  Account 0001-161-5700-02 with a balance of $7,402.41 to Account No.:0001-122-5115-01 in the amount of  $900 for Selectmen – Floater Account; ; 0001-122-5340-02 in the amount of $1,824.78   to Selectmen – Phone Account and 0001-122-5705-02 in the amount of $4,179.33 for Selectmen- Operating Expenses Account. Peter Fox.  Unanimous 3-0.


 Paul Joseph motioned to approve a 3% transfer from the Police Department Salary & Expenses Account with a present balance of $21,897.00 to be transferred to the Municipal Expenses – Energy Account with a present balance of $9,546.26. Peter Fox seconded.   Unanimous  3-0.  


d.  TA Contract Renewal – Steven Sullivan stated that he was pleased to come to term with the contract renewal.  Jonathan Ruda and John Marsi were the contract team and they should be commended.  Mr. Balukonis outlines the parameters and the extension that expires June 30, 2018.  He would like to remain in Dudley.  Paul Joseph suggested that under Section 3 under Severance it states that Mr. Balukonis, if dismissed, shall receive his salary for six additional months.  Mr. Joseph discussed this with him and would like to have the option of stating it to read that the payment could be a single lump sum payment or the option of a weekly payroll payment.  After discussion Paul Joseph motioned to authorize the Chair to sign the Town Administrator, Greg Balukonis’ contract dated July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018 with the caveat that Section 3 under Severance contain language to exercise an option of a single or lump sum payment or the option of a weekly payroll payments.  Peter Fox seconded.  Unanimous  3-0.  Mr. Balukonis stated that instead of prolonging the signing of the agreement he will put together a letter which will be attached to the contract conveying the motion.


9.      Cemetery Department Issues


10.     Town Administrator Report/Departmental Communication:


Mr. Balukonis stated that he recently attended a meeting in Boston with Chief Wojnar on the Dresser Hill Road project.  The state will be widening the road to provide a 6ft. shoulder, install overhead lights at the corner of Dudley-Southbridge Road and Dresser Hill Road, remove trees, improve signage and will be lifting the elevation on sections of the road that are dangerous.  He suggested that the State hold a Public Hearing for residents to be educated on this project.


Mr. Balukonis reminded. the Board that they will be having a site meeting on Saturday, July 11th at 10am at the cul de sac on Blue Heron Drive with the residents regarding the proposed rail trail parking lot. 


11.      Board Members Comments:


               Paul Joseph stated that he always reads the monthly reports from the Police, fire and Highway.  He is amazed that the police department has, on an average, 27 services calls a day.  He commended the Police Chief for his department.  Mr. Sullivan would like to see the Water-Sewer Department submit a monthly report as well. 



12.    Adjournment:


      Paul Joseph motioned to adjourn at 7:15pm.  Peter Fox seconded.  Unanimous 3-0.


                    Respectfully submitted,

      Michelle Jervis, Administrative Secretary