Conservation Form 3 Notice of Intent

Conservation State Form 3 Notice of Intent

If any proposed work is planned within 100 feet of the edge of a wetland resource area or within 200 feet of a river, a Notice of Intent may be required. If you are not sure, call the Conservation office (508-949-8011) to discuss your proposed project. Office hours are Mondays and Tuesdays 10:30-4:30.

To file a Notice of Intent with the Conservation Commission, download the documents listed below.

Notices of Intent, accompanying documents, fees and plans must be received by the Conservation Commission at least 2 weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting. Detailed filing instructions are in the “Filing Procedures and Associated Fees” below.

Form 3 Notice of Intent

Download (Dudley-Form-3-Notice-of-Intent-1.pdf , PDF)

Filing Procedures and Associated Fees

Download (Dudley-Form-3-Notice-of-Intent-Filing-Procedures-and-Associated-Fees-1.pdf , PDF)

Notification to Abutters

Download (Dudley-Form-3-Notification-to-Abutters-Form.pdf , PDF)

Evidence of Notification Form (to be used when securing signatures of abutters in person)

Download (Dudley-Form-3-Evidence-of-Notification-Form.pdf , PDF)

Public Hearing Legal Notice

Download (Dudley-Form-3-Public-Hearing-Notice.pdf , PDF)