If proposed work is planned near wetland resource areas or the wetland buffer zone (100 feet from edge of wetland resource area or 200 feet from riverbank), a Form 1 Request for a Determination of Applicability might be required. If unsure, contact the Conservation office at 508-949-8011 or by email at conservation@dudleyma.gov. Office hours are Mondays and Tuesdays 10:30-4:30.

Print and review Form 1 Procedures:

Download (Dudley-Form-1-Form-3-DEP-Local-Filing-Categories-Fees.pdf , PDF)

Print and complete Form 1 Request for Determination of Applicability

Download (Dudley-Form-1-RDA-State-Form.docx , DOCX)

Print and complete Form 1 Public Meeting Notice

Download (Dudley-Form-1-Public-Meeting-Notice.pdf , PDF)