The Survey is Now Officially Closed

The Town of Dudley is in the process of preparing a 5 year Economic Development Plan. The Economic Development Committee has prepared this survey in order to find out the community’s opinions on critical issues facing the Town. This survey gives you an opportunity to express your views on the type of town that you would like to see Dudley become. This survey should only take about fifteen minutes of your time to complete. Your input to this project is valuable and essential.

(Disclaimer: This survey uses cookies to simply log your IP address so that only one completed survey per respondent is counted. Absolutely No personal information is gathered or stored. Your privacy is guaranteed. If you leave the survey page and then come back within 7 hours, you should be brought back to the next question on the survey. Otherwise you have to start over)

The Grey Arrows on the survey will turn black after you have answered the question.
Clicking the Black Arrows moves you backward and forward thru the survey only after you have selected an answer to each question
This survey will close November 4, 2017




Thank You on behalf of the Town of Dudley Economic Development Committee

John Briare, Chairman
Barbara Zurawski, Vice Chairman
Todd Donohoe, Treasurer
Marcia Wagner, Secretary
Ellen Laprise, Clerk
Jo-Ann Szymczak, Member
PJ Boggio, Member