Dudley Agricultural Commission

As a follow up to our December Agricultural Meeting, We are reminding Farmers that this Thursday, January 17th at 6:30PM, The MA Dept. of Agricultural Resources will be coming to Dudley, at our request, to Discuss recent developments with HEMP.

Meeting will be held at the Dudley Town Hall, 71 West Main Street, Dudley, MA 01571 at 6:30PM
Selectman Room, 321A

• Guest Speaker: Taryn LaScola-Miner (Director Crop and Pest Services Division, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources)
• Talk About HEMP
• What is involved in growing it, harvesting it, testing it
• Does MA Recognize some of the 3% seed being certified in CO as being ok here
• What is process, regulations and reporting/testing requirements
• How Does New Federal Farm Bill Affect Current MA Regs
• Farm Bill: Treating HEMP like Ordinary AG Commodity – doesn’t that mean just like Corn
• Could Dudley Farmers Unite and do a Single Application with State, representing 30 farms and work as a Cooperative under guidance of Town and MDAR?
• Pesticides and Hemp – Learn more
• Q&A : Open Informal Discussion