The Master Plan from 2000 is now online. Each Chapter can be found under Documents Section / Town Reports /

Chapters are as follows:

Table of Contents
I. Summary with Major Recommendations
II. Introduction
III. Vision Statement and Goals
IV. Brief History
V. Demographic Profile
VI. Transportation
VII. Town Government: Facilities and Services
VIII. Natural Features
IX. Open Space and Recreation
X. Housing
XI. Economic Development
XII. Existing and Future Land Use
XIII. Implementation Plan

Appendix A: Inventory of Town-Owned Properties.
Appendix B: Grant Opportunities from State Agencies for Environmental Projects.
Appendix C: Open Space and Recreation Funding Mechanisms and Programs.
Appendix D: Master Plan Citizen Survey – Summary and Results.

All Files related to Master Plan of 2000 will be listed here in no particular order.