A Rail Trail and Quinebaug River Thank You!

On behalf of the Quinebaug River and Rail trail, we would like to thank the handful of volunteers who braved some rain and chilly weather to clean up the river bank and trail on Saturday April 22nd.

It is disheartening that so much trash continues to be tossed into the environment with no thought of the problems it creates for others and the wildlife.

Much of the river bank garbage comes from storm water runoff dumping directly into the river from communities further upstream.

Please, remember some simple rules that can keep your hometown and its recreational areas clean…

  1. Clean up after yourselves
  2. If you bring it in – take it out
  3. Water Bottles were made without legs… thus they can not walk themselves into the trash cans located at the entrances of the trails

We hauled off dozens of trash bags filled with debris that accumulates when certain individuals don’t clean up after themselves or treat our community as a dumping ground. As a resident, it should get you angry.

But thankfully, we have people in the community who are willing to get dirty and pitch in to make “Dudley A Special Place”

Thank you again.

John – Rail Trail Volunteer

Master Plan from 2000 Now Online

The Master Plan from 2000 is now online. Each Chapter can be found under Documents Section / Town Reports /

Chapters are as follows:

Table of Contents
I. Summary with Major Recommendations
II. Introduction
III. Vision Statement and Goals
IV. Brief History
V. Demographic Profile
VI. Transportation
VII. Town Government: Facilities and Services
VIII. Natural Features
IX. Open Space and Recreation
X. Housing
XI. Economic Development
XII. Existing and Future Land Use
XIII. Implementation Plan

Appendix A: Inventory of Town-Owned Properties.
Appendix B: Grant Opportunities from State Agencies for Environmental Projects.
Appendix C: Open Space and Recreation Funding Mechanisms and Programs.
Appendix D: Master Plan Citizen Survey – Summary and Results.

All Files related to Master Plan of 2000 will be listed here in no particular order.