Due to the level of the risk in our area for exposure to EEE and based on a recent diagnoses of EEE for a human case and 2 horse cases in Worcester County, the MA Department of Public Health(DPH) will be conducting aerial spraying int eh communities of elevated risk- our neighboring communities(Webster) and our community(Dudley) were named in the “partial spray zone”
during their confrence call today, August 23,2019. Please refer to the following link for more information and the times of spraying,

Conservation Form 7 Request for an Extension to an Existing Order of Conditions

To request an extension to an existing Order of Conditions, print and submit the form below. The form must be received at least one month prior to the Order of Conditions’ expiration date. If an Order of Conditions expires, it cannot be renewed and a new Notice of Intent and all applicable notices, documents, plans and fees must be submitted. No work can continue under an expired Order of Conditions.

Print and complete the request form:

Download (Form-7-Request-for-Extension-Form-Letter.docx , DOCX)