The Town of Dudley replaces only mailboxes, posts and fences that have been struck by a plow blade, or municipal or subcontractor vehicle.  The Town will not be responsible for mailbox or fence damage caused by snow being discharged by snow removal equipment.

Residents and taxpayers are reminded about the importance about the proper placement and anchoring of mailboxes and posts so damage does not result from winter snow removal operation.  Mailbox installation shall be consistent with US Postal regulations.  No part of the mailbox, arm or post shall be closer than 12″ from the face of the curb or edge of payment to prevent damages caused by snow removal operations.

In the event a mailbox, post or fence is struck by a Town Highway Department or Subcontractor plow, the Town will reimburse the resident or taxpayer a maximum of $25.00 for the damages upon notification.  The cost of labor is not reimbursable.  No additional reimbursement is allowed for decorator mailboxes that may be damaged.

The Highway Department shall promptly investigate all damage claims submitted, and will inform the person making the complaint about its decision to reimburse for the cost of the mailbox or post.  A decision may be repealed to the Town Administrator within ten (10) days whole decision shall be final

Board of Selectmen

Dated: February 9, 2015.