The Dudley Economic Development Committee has been in the process of producing a brochure on the Town of Dudley. Originally started in 2014, The brochure is nearing completion.

In an effort for full transparency, the Dudley EDC is reopening sponsorship opportunities for this brochure due to the length of time the brochure has been under development.

The Brochure is designed as a marketing piece to attract businesses and new residents to the Town of Dudley.
It will be a glossy piece, approximately 29″ x 16″, folded into 4 sections.
Printed on Front and Back.
It is anticipated that a minimum of 2,500 Brochures will be printed in the first run.
In addition, the brochure will be placed on the Town Website under the Economic Development Section.
Estimated Completion and Distribution Date: September 2017

There will be a “Sponsors” panel on the brochure.
Such sponsorship panel will be equally split in size, between all sponsors.
Eg: If there are 4 sponsors, each sponsor will be allocated 25% of the available space for their logo or ad.
If there are 5 sponsors, each sponsor will be allocated 20% of the available space.

Only a maximum of 8 sponsors will be accepted.
If all 8 sponsorships are sold, the minimum ad size will come in at approximately .75″ x 3″ (Best Estimate)

Since the original sponsors contributed $500 for each sponsorship, all remaining sponsorships will also have a cost of $500 for new sponsors.

Currently, the Brochure has 2 Sponsors.  The deadline for Sponsorship requests is end of day –  July 18, 2017.

If you would like to become a sponsor of this brochure, or talk to a member concerning the brochure, please fill out the below form…
Thank You

Dudley Economic Development Committee

Sample of Brochure Layout

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