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Jo Ann Brinker : Treasurer Patty Biron
Mary Kunkel : Secretary Audrey Resener
Marilyn Kramarz

Who We Are:

The Dudley Cultural Council (DCC) is one of hundreds of Local Cultural Council Programs in Massachusetts serving the Town of Dudley. DCC is part of the largest grassroots cultural funding network in the nation annually supporting thousands of community-based projects in the arts, humanities, and sciences. We are supported and funded by the state through the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC). We allocate our funds to qualified individuals, schools, and cultural organizations that bring cultural programs in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences to the Dudley community.

Upcoming Town of Dudley Cultural Council Sponsored Events

  • May 8

    All About Poets and Potters

    Massachusetts’ poets Longfellow, Whitman, Thoreau and Gibran celebrated the potter in their writings and reflected on the forming of clay as a metaphor for life in various ways.  Pied Potter, Rick Hamelin, will demonstrate “throwing” at the pottery wheel while exploring the verses and the historical connections of Massachusetts to these poets. Participants will make […]

  • May 21

    Songbirds of the Northeast

      John Root will discuss our region’s songbirds, sonograms revealing the complexity of birdsong, survival value of these vocalizations, and guidelines for providing habitat.

  • Jun 11

    Rehabilitation to Veterans Memorial Hall

    Rehab and update the Veterans Memorial Hall of the Dudley Municipal Complex. The goal is to showcase historical documents, letters, photographs and artwork from the revolutionary war period to the present that tells the story of local veterans and their contributions to our country and our town.

  • Jun 18

    Old Fiddler Club of Rhode Island

    The Old Fiddlers Club of Rhode Island is a group of accomplished musicians who, through their various string instruments, will provide music during the Dudley Grange #163 Strawberry Festival for all to enjoy .

  • Jun 22

    Moon River to Malaguena to Traditional Irish Tunes

    Tim Loftus will perform music from Moon River to Malaguena to traditional Irish tunes using multiple musical instruments. The program is a beautiful arrangement of music, stories, history, visuals (slide show) and energizing dance by an Irish dancer.

  • Jun 29

    Imagine That: A Summer Reading Celebration

    Davis Bates will present a program for children and families celebrating reading, the imagination and cultural diversity. Mr. Bates will share participatory stories and songs designed to educate, entertain, and create a feeling of community, while encouraging reading in families. The program will include age appropriate participatory songs and stories from around the world. Instruments […]

  • Jul 13

    Dragon Balloon Twisting Workshop

    To match the summer reading theme of “Imagine your Story; Fairy Tales, Fantasy, and Mythology,” Ed the Wizard will conduct a Balloon Twisting Workshop that has a fanciful and unique twist: Dragon Balloon Twisting! Participants will learn the art of balloon twisting creating their own dragon.

  • Oct 1

    Diversity – An International Poster Exhibit

      During the month of October, Stephen Lewis will display 30 posters from several countries depicting religious intolerance, racism, bigotry, and other discriminatory attitudes and actions. The posters show how countries are trying to educate people on attitudes through visual art and messages.

  • Oct 3

    Tradesmen on the Common

    A group of costumed artisans (blacksmith, copper, shoemaker, seamstress, spinner, potter and tinsmith) will demonstrate their trades on the Dudley Common at the Dudley Grange Apple Festival. They will perform their trade and also engage in discussion with any and all who come to observe.

  • Oct 15

    I Cannot Die But Once

    Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti will portray Harriet Tubman providing information of the work she accomplished with the Underground Railroad.

Grant Application Information:

Dudley Cultural Council grant applications are due by October 15. You may view grant application procedure and guidelines for Dudley Cultural Council and Mass Cultural Council at:


Additional Resource Links:
MA Cultural Council (http://www.massculturalcouncil.org/ )
On Line Grant Application (http://www.mass-culture.org/Dudley)