Dudley Fire Department
128 W Main St
Dudley, MA 01571
(508) 949-8040
Open 24 Hours


Dudley Fire Department Website: http://dudleyfire.com/

The Dudley Fire Department is a combination Career/Call Department providing fire suppression and emergency medical services to the Town of Dudley, MA.


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Fire Department Posts and Updates

Fire Station Building Project

Attached is the New Fire Station Building Project. There will be an Open House at the Fire Station on October 15,2016 from 10 A.M. till 2 P.M. If you have any questions please feel free to stop by the Fire Station or contact Chief Dean Kochanowski at 508-949-8040 Ext. 225scan0070

Citizens Fire Academy

CITIZENS FIRE ACADEMY The Dudley Fire Department will be hosting a Citizens Fire Academy. The Dudley Fire Department Citizens Academy (CFA) is open to persons 18 or older who either live or work in the Town of Dudley. This 8 week program includes approximately 20 hours of instruction. Class begins on Thursday, September 15, 2016 […]

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Inspection Services

Permits and Inspections

Permit for Residential Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection.
Re-inspection due to failure $25.00
Single Family $55.00
Two Family $100.00
Three to Six Family $150.00
Seven plus Family $500.00

(All Permits good for Sixty days.)

*Permit for Sprinkler System/Fire Alarm System: Installation and/or repairs.
Review of Plans (per project) $50.00
Permit to Install (per project)
0-50 heads – $50.00
51-100 heads – $100.00
101-200 heads – $150.00
201+heads – $200.00

Permit for Blasting (30 days) $50.00/30days
Blasting Site Inspection $50.00/for project
Permit for Tank/Cargo Truck Inspections (2 years) $50.00/bi-annually
Permit to Store L.P.G. (Indefinite) $50.00(indefinite)

(LPG expires on change of ownership of property)

*Permit to Install or Remove Underground Storage Tanks (30 days)
1,100 gallons or less $50.00/tank/30days
1,101 gallons plus $150.00/tank/30days

*Permit To Tightness Test Underground Tanks (30 days) $50.00/tank/30days
Permit to Store Flammable Fluids and Combustible Liquid: (1 year)
0-1000 gallons – $50.00/annually
1001-10,000 gallons – $100.00/annually
Over 10,000 gallons – $150.00/annually

Permit for Oil Burning Equipment:
Oil Burning Equipment $50.00
Install Tank $50.00
Remove Tank $50.00

License of Land Storage; Flammable Fluids (indefinite) $50.00/indefinite

(In accordance with MGL Chpt 148 Sec 9 & 13)
Permit for Welding/Cutting Storage (1 year) $50.00/annually

Permit for Black Powder (five year) $50.00(five years)

Permit for Open Burning of Bush
Seasonal Permit $20.00(Jan.15th to May 1st)
Agricultural Permit $50.00(Jan. 1st to Dec 31st)

(Checks or money orders only. Made out to the Town of Dudley)

Report Requests $20.00

Ceremonial Bon Fire (one permit issued annually) $50.00/30days
Permit to Operate Lumber Yard (1 year) $50.00/annually
Permit for Junk Yard (1 year) $50.00/annually

Processing of Hazardous Materials (1 year) $50.00/annually and for each category


Residential False Fire Alarm (Starts Jan. 1st) $50.00(After 2 Alarms)
Commercial False Fire Alarm (Starts Jan. 1st) $100.00(After 2 Alarms)
Commercial Malicious False Fire Alarms (Starts Jan. 1st) $500.00(First Alarm $100.00)